I credit WordPress with being the dominant factor in transforming me from a casual blogger to a serious webmaster. Sure, Blogger and Tumblr have their place, but when I start a new website (and I’ve started a dozen) if I want it to be taken at all seriously, I choose WordPress every single time.

For me, the allure of WordPress starts with the ability to customize my website. I want full control of how many columns, the color scheme, the design, the way the posts load, etc. While they have tons of dazzling paid options, I’ve always found a perfectly fine free WordPress theme.

Once I’ve designed the look of my site, I want to feel comfortable in the back end. This is where I spend most of the time on my posts, so it’s important to feel like I know my way around and can customize the post to look exactly how I envision it. With the wrong content management system, the only thing less comfortable than the back end of your site is the back seat of a Volkswagen. This is not the case in WordPress. It’s like driving a convertible. Sure, there’s a bit more work when loading a post than in the overly simple Blogger or Tumblr back end, but that added work pays off. Not only will the post look the way you want, but also will be found thanks to some good plug-ins.

The plug-ins are like the apps of your WordPress site. You can do everything from preventing spam to getting your SEO up and integrating your social media. There’s no limit to what you can do. When it comes down to it, if I want to make a quick fun “Binders Full of Women” type of blog, I’ll throw together a sloppy Tumblr, but if I want a legit website, I’m going to WordPress.

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