Well…nobody is perfect. Except for your children, if you have them. I’d never say otherwise (at least to your face). It’s been about a month since I’ve been promoted to Content Manager here at Benchmark. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t lost sleep over the possibility of typos, mistakes, etc. going onto the site, our newsletters and other communications. I no longer have that line of defense in between what I write and what goes on the site. Simply put, I’ve dreaded mistakes…but they happen.

Cue our March newsletter. One of my favorite features of the Benchmark dashboard is the ability to copy a previous newsletter. It’s a massive time saver. I copied the February newsletter, swapped out the copy and asked our design team to place new images for me. Most email marketing is a team effort and ours is no different. However, I didn’t realize that the links from the images in the February newsletter would hold true, even after the images themselves were replaced.

I tested each and every one of the links I placed into the copy, but I didn’t click on the images. I should have. I know better. It wasn’t our design team’s fault. The blame falls solely on my shoulders. I take every opportunity I have to turn situations into a teachable moment here on the Benchmark Blog. I don’t like it as much when that teachable moment is all about me. If you don’t test each and every aspect of your email newsletters, you can’t know for sure it’s all doing what it is supposed to do. Also, despite changing the latter half of the subject line, I left it as February Newsletter: Win a Nexus 7 Tablet…the Write Way. Face, meet palm.

This issue caused us to get less readers to our series on Blogging: Marketing the Write Way. More importantly, it probably frustrated a good amount of our subscribers. The last person to handle the newsletter and schedule it to send, needs to know that all your goals for the newsletter will be accomplished. Especially when your email newsletters are a team effort. Your team did the work for you, the bases are loaded…now just hit it out of the park and take us home. This month, I struck out.

I would like to say I’m sorry. Especially to those of you that weren’t sent where you were thought you were going when you clicked on the images, but also my bosses and coworkers and all newsletter subscribers. Our name is Benchmark and we should be the standard. I will do my part in continuing to strive towards that today and every day…and I certainly won’t make that mistake twice!