Many Benchmark Email customers take full use of the list management features in Benchmark Email.

That’s terrific.

If you really want to manage your customer relationships, please don’t mistake the powers of Benchmark Email’s list management tools for what the Benchmark CRM software solution can give you: customer relationship management.

List Management

  • Building lists for specific purposes.
  • Having multiple webforms that populate these lists based on the marketing role of said list.
  • Utilizing segments to identify swaths of customers based on demographics or brand/product preferences.
  • Purging those lists so that stale and questionable emails are removed.

Yes, this is good list management. But this is an email marketing list management.  Notice what isn’t there:

Customer Relationship Management

  • tracking deep data on the customer based on a mix of many typical and important-to-your-business custom fields
  • creating and reading notes on the customer
  • creating and following up on todo tasks, meetings and calls for the customer
  • deal tracking
  • opening and solving support tickets, assignable and reassignable to different CRM users
  • sending and receiving one-to-one email messaging to your contact
  • attaching import documents to contacts or their related records
  • assigning ownership of contacts for various employees
  • viewing and interacting with a calendar for managing todos
  • keeping organization records that collect information of all you related contacts who work for the organization
  • creating, viewing and sharing reports that combine contacts, opportunities, tickets and activities
  • working lead records that can be converted to contacts and opportunities

Are any of the above workflows that apply to your business or organization?

If they aren’t, here’s a hint: you probably could do better numbers than you’re doing now by doing them. Or even if you are doing all that, but it’s a very informal process, good CRM software can help you manage it better.

In many cases, automations can help do some of these workflows for you, so you have more time to do the numerous important things that no one else but you can do for your business.

Experience The Difference

Come sign up for the Benchmark CRM free trial and start learning how the right software can help you. There’s no magic bullet. You need to do the work.