“In my day, we had to walk to school … barefoot … uphill … BOTH WAYS!” It’s a story many of us have heard time and time again. The way things once were. How we have it so much better now. For me, and other millennials, we’re often told we’re soft, not as good, entitled … you name it. Like it or not, the millennials are here to stay.

In many cases, we’re taking over the workforce. Older, more expensive employees have given way to a horde of millennials. High end items such as cars aren’t only being marketing towards baby boomers either. Marketing to millennials is a thing, just as much as millennials in the workforce. That’s why our September series is called “Young Money: Millennials in Business & Marketing.”

We’re giving away a Kindle Fire HD. One, so older generations can make jokes about how kids these days don’t even read. Two, so us millennials can prove them wrong. To be entered to win, retweet this or any other post in “Young Money: Millennials in Business & Marketing.” You must follow @BenchmarkEmail on Twitter to be eligible to win. Good luck!