August is National Golf Month. As it should be. It’s in the throws of summer. It is finally warm everywhere across the U.S. School isn’t quite back in session yet. If it was going to have a month (and I’m of the belief that it should), August is the perfect month.

In high school I worked as a caddie. It was a great gig. I could wake up in the morning, carry a golf bag around the links for a few hours and then hop a train to catch a Cubs game that afternoon. One thing I realized during that time was as important as the game is, the social aspect is equally as important. I saw deals get made, clients schmoozed, work stress relieved (or at the very least ignored for 18 holes) and friends and family catching up or even just spending quality time together.

This social aspect of golf makes it a great opportunity for email marketing. Any industry can find some tie to the game. A clothing retailer can sell you on being the talk of your foursome wearing the latest trendy duds. A restaurant can offer you a place to continue the party after the last putt is sunk on the 18th green. Just play on the idea of people being brought together.