Many business people tend to look at the holiday season as a vast wasteland. For at least a week before Christmas and about the same amount of time after New Year’s Day it seems to become next to impossible to do business with anyone as voicemails take over the season while everyone is off buying presents or jetting off to Grandma’s or to the Caribbean. Event producers generally avoid this season like the plague but there are some reasons why you might want to take the holiday plunge and book your event right smack dab in the middle of this season!

Attract the “got nuthin’ to do” crowd

Not only will you be able to attract the “got nuthin’ to do at Christmas” crowd but you will also benefit from the fact that your competitors aren’t as crazy… er… as innovative as you and are steering far away from booking their events during the holiday season. This factor provides considerable benefits and can result in a variety of different event producer “holiday gifts.”

Better than going to the Nutcracker Suite… again

The first gift is the presence of a massive number of people who are bored out of their skulls. Especially in hard economic times, not each and every single member of your potential audience is sleeping in relatives’ spare bedrooms or living it up in a four star tropical resort. There is a considerable percentage of your target market that is sitting at home vacillating between distraction and couch potatoing. If your event can focus on attracting these people and giving them something different to do during the holidays than going to the zillionth Nutcracker Suite show you could find that your event would be an even more satisfying success than if it was held at a more conventional time.

You may be able to cut a half price deal with your venue

Another great gift will be the availability of venues which may be fully booked at other times of the year. Christmas doesn’t really bring up the mental image of a plumbing supply fair so you may find that the convention center you covet so badly may be sitting completely empty during the season and ready for you to set up your event there. While you are going to be just another event producer in a big crowd looking to book the center in October by the time the Christmas season comes around the management may be looking very favorably at getting you in there instead of crickets, so they may be quite amenable to cutting you a financial deal that you might never have been able to obtain at any other time of the year. You may find that the best Christmas present is getting your venue at half price!

The trade media is twiddling their thumbs

The same applies to trade media as while the public press is all engaged in the last minute Christmas features, the specialty press is twiddling their thumbs while they try to come up with yet another boring holiday themed comparison of cordless compact drills. You might be able to get a lot more coverage in the December issues than you might ever be able to in the March ones!

While the competition is away, you can play

However, you may find that the number one reason to hold your event during the Christmas holiday season is the complete and utter lack of competition! Your competitors are likely off doing their own Christmas thing and not even thinking of mounting an event during this season so you’ve got the entire market all to yourself! While this is not applicable if you’re in an industry which blooms at this time of year such as toys, if you’re in forklifts, bilge pumps, or EusLisp Robot Programming Language you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else producing a competing event in the entire country.

The benefits of going against the grain in producing an event during the holiday season can pay dividends as you can readily monopolize your target market during the entire three week chunk of the calendar!