Every company has several departments: sales, content, design, etc. It’s not just for organization sake that a company is separated in this way, but it is because each department has a specific role and that they have in the company. Despite the different roles that they play, each department still has to connect with one another in order to have the company run smoothly and thrive.

Imagine the same situation for all of your company’s online data. Before, you probably had various different apps that you bought separately, each from different brands and for different departments, and then you had to take so much time to configure each one to allow it to work with other apps. That doesn’t sound like an easy process and that’s because it isn’t!Sometimes each department just prefers using specific apps, but unfortunately, not every app will get along.

The only solution to this would be one project management system that will contain all the apps that your office needs. Call it the company mother ship. In other words, it is the web-based online suite that contains the vitals tools for your business including: word processing, spreadsheets, note-taking, CRM, invoicing, etc. Way more convenient and way more functional to use.

Take for example, Raw Engineering, a web and mobile application development firm. With up to 30 users working on 10 projects, they were in dire need of a one-stop-shop program. As CEO Nishant Patel puts it, “Other products are good in specific areas, but they didn’t integrate as well with third-party apps like Gmail. And they weren’t providing us with an end-to-end solution. From an admin perspective, it created a nightmare that had us managing three or four different web apps. Zoho Projects brought it all together for us in one solution that’s really simple, fast, and responsive – easy to use and easy to administer.”

Along with Raw Engineering, tons of other companies have experienced the huge advantages of Zoho, not to mention less headaches, misplaced data, and other fumbles.

If you want your internal office to run seamlessly and each department to work in harmony, then it will only make sense to use a software that will do the same thing. Plus seamlessly integrate Zoho with your email marketing, thanks to the Benchmark Email Zoho integration.