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Shireen Qudosi

Blog Without Writing A Word

Mar 29 2013, 06:00 AM by


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There’s still some hope for those of you that are interested in blogging, but not so much in the writing. With adequate effort, you can get a great blog without ever writing a word. Here’s how:

  1. Curate. Curating content is a big ticket item in the blog world and it’s become a common place thing to curate articles from other sources. This means you no longer need to write. You do however have to give adequate hyperlinked credit to the author along with follow some basic curator’s etiquette, such as never disclosing the entire content in your post. Rather, offer a teaser and a link back to the original source. Anything less than this and it’s a fine line between curating and thieving.

  2. Reinterpret “Content.” Content doesn’t just mean text. It can be visuals, audio/and video. There’s no reason you can’t curate great visual or a/v media into content on your blog.

  3. Tap Social Media. Social media, particularly Facebook wall posts, are great watering holes for naturally occurring conversation. With permission, you can take the dialogue shared there and turn it into content. People tend to get pretty invested in their social media posts, and the content there is usually rather articulate. You’ve instantly got free content and multiple perspectives. Doing this regularly will also likely get you guest bloggers, ie. wall commentators turned official guest posters to your blog because you’ve been able to establish trust and respect.

  4. Guest Bloggers. Guest bloggers are a fantastic way to get content. There are people out there who realize the tremendous value in guest blogging on top sites. It’s advantageous to them on several levels to be published on your platform, and at the same time this offers you a flow of fresh original content. It’s a win win. If you have guest bloggers, be prepared for flakey tendencies. Guest bloggers are usually an inconsistent breed, so make sure you pull out the red carpet for yours by showing extra courtesy wherever possible. Gifts and special favors don’t hurt either./li>

Here, don’t make the mistake of accepting any willing guest blogger that walks through your doors. Show discernment that will travel a long way in retaining brand/style integrity. Your ideal guest blogger will (1) meet deadlines, (2) have an authentic voice, (3) demonstrate style flexibility to meet audience needs, (4) know how to conduct and incorporate research, and (5) be consistent, reliable, and available within reason.

Never having to write a word doesn’t mean you’ll never have to work. Following these steps still involves a level of work, time, and commitment that’s not for those who aren’t interested in the long game. This means that not only do you have to be dedicated to maintaining the effort for the foreseeable future – meaning you can’t drop the ball on this the minute “work” kicks in. Consider your blog, brand, and blog marketing as part of your business; there’s no room for excuses.

This plan of action means you’ve also got to allot the necessary resources. You might want to hire an extra staff member to manage this project, or you’ll need to offer small stipends or perks/gifts for guess bloggers. In other areas, you’ll need to “open up the organization,” meaning you’ll have to be a lot more transparent and welcome outsiders. CEOs or upper management in charge of this task who refuse to experiment, who want “instant results, or who can’t ditch the corporate ego,” can also expect to fail here.




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Barbara McKinney

Apr 02 2013, 05:04 AM

Thanks for sharing these tips shireen. It will serve as a guide to those who wants to become a writer but don't have enough experience and writing skills.But we must also put in mind that if we really want to succeed in blogging, we must exert time and effort in practicing:)