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Restaurant Email Marketing Blog

Paul Rijnders

Email Newsletter Tips: Please Keep Your Seasonal Copy in Season!

Oct 26 2011, 02:09 PM by

I love the thought of beautiful orange and crimson leaves falling on the sidewalk, but I do fear that they might be covering spilled Halloween chocolates that my puppy will surely find. And if you don’t know it, I’m going to tell you now: chocolate can be lethal for your dog.

So on a grumpy day, when I’m finding fault in really positive things, I’m more inclined to rip your email newsletter for seemingly innocuous faults.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Email Design & Templates, Restaurants, Tech Editorial

Paul Rijnders

How to Lose an Email Subscriber Part 1: Lousy Email Segmentation

Aug 11 2011, 11:13 AM by

You know what it takes to make me want to hit the unsubscribe button these days? 32.1 miles. That’s the distance between Huntington Beach, CA and the beautiful city of San Juan Capistrano.

Today I'll use a personal anecdote (and a tasty temptation) to illustrate how a strategic email marketing tactic can backfire if exercised in an un-strategic way.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Lists & Signup Forms, Restaurants, Online Branding

Hal Licino

Using TabPress to Improve Your Restaurant’s Facebook Fan Page

Jun 30 2011, 01:25 PM by

Did you ever see Chipotle’s, Applebee’s or Eataly’s Facebook Fan Pages, that are so graphically stunning and un-Facebook-like, that they made you cry in your coffee since your restaurant has such a standard, boring snoozefest? Did you ever get a quote from a programmer adept in Facebook’s new iFrames Page Tabs and realize that to contract them to make your Facebook page look great would cost you more than a month’s meat order? Did you ever get so desperate about never obtaining a visually alluring and truly effective Facebook page that you jabbed your J.A. Henckels 260 mm Chef’s Knife 259 mm into the butcher block? Don’t despair! There is now a way for your restaurant to have a web page so wonderful that it looks like only Gordon Ramsay could have afforded it… With HyperArts new TabPress application. And best of all it’s fast, easy and completely free!

Posted in Tips & Resources, Restaurants, Online Tools and Applications, Online Branding