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Online Branding Blog

Nolan Wilson

What’s in a Title? Everything! The Importance of Writing Effective Blog Post Titles

May 15 2013, 03:00 AM by

A good title makes all the difference in the world. It can be the difference between having your post widely read and shared across the internet and only getting a small amount of traction. The main purpose of a title is to garner attention and entice people to start reading your post. This is why the words that you use and how your craft your title is vital to the success of your post.

Posted in Tips & Resources, SEO, Online Branding

Robert Weil

5 Conversion Tips for Email Landing Pages

Apr 12 2013, 06:00 AM by

If you would like to convert subscribers of your emails into regular customers, it is important that you direct them to landing pages on your site that will get them where they need to go. It doesn’t do you any good if you are promoting onion jam this week in your email, yet the email link directs subscribers to goat’s milk soap products on your website. When you are promoting a particular product in your email, you either need to make sure that the customer is taken to the product page, or to a landing page that you have set up that relates to that product. Either way, make sure that whatever page you are directing them to is clear, understandable, and explains the following:

Posted in Cool Stuff for Small Businesses, Online Branding, Email Tips

Shireen Qudosi

Creating a PR Game Plan

Apr 10 2013, 03:00 AM by

Marketing gets you noticed. PR gets you remembered and talked about. To weave a cohesive analogy, marketing is about throwing the darts; PR is about creating the board. When you have a good PR plan, you’ve made marketing your business that much easier. You’ve giving it direction and a foundation to build on. As with anything, PR success requires planning and the experts agree these are imperative steps to a winning game plan:

Posted in Cool Stuff for Small Businesses, Online Branding, Growing Your Business

Hal Licino

The Top Tips For Neutralizing Negative Online Reviews

Apr 09 2013, 03:00 AM by

Online reviews are the prototypical double edged sword. Businesses all over the world are experiencing an entirely new way to reach an audience base through the various review sites where their customers share their experiences with countless readers. When the review is glowing and illustrates the company’s superlative performance in customer service, product quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the rest of the characteristics which make for a memorable customer experience all is well. However, there is always a group of customers who react vehemently to real or imagined slights and they will not just pan your business online, they will savage it. With the ever-growing reliance by your customers on online reviews, it is important for every business owner and manager to have a firm and practicable policy in place to react to these adversarial antagonistic antipathetic arguments… without resorting to dispatching Cousin Vito and his violin case.

Posted in Cool Stuff for Small Businesses, Social Media, Online Branding

Nolan Wilson

The Importance of Including a Call to Action in Your Blog Post

Apr 08 2013, 03:00 AM by

A call to action is a very important marketing tool. It is used by writers and web designers to elicit a response or evoke a desired action. Ideally, a call to action should be included in everything that you write. After all, you want your readers to act on what you are writing about, right? The good news is that most writers use a call to action regularly. They add it within their website content, sales letters, and emails. But for some reason, people tend to forget to add in a call to action into their blog posts. Why they forget this is a mystery, but it could be costing them when it comes to the level of engagement they experience on their blog from their followers.

Posted in Cool Stuff for Small Businesses, Online Branding, Growing Your Business