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Email Deliverability Blogs

Richard Vohsing

A Few Words on the DDOS Attacks on Spamhaus

Apr 02 2013, 06:00 AM by

It's not exactly breaking news that Spamhaus is being hit with a DDOS attack. In truth, they are often hit with DDOS attacks, though most are pretty average attacks which Spamhaus is well protected against. This recent report is a bit different though, not only has it been ongoing for over a week, it has been recorded as the largest known DDOS attack ever. Spamhaus reported traffic approaching 300Gbps, which has since been confirmed by reliable outside sources.

Posted in Deliverability, Digital News

Denise Keller

Compare Groupon's Latest Privacy Inquiry with Email Best Practices

Sep 09 2011, 08:06 PM by

Many observers are watching Groupon with hawk eyes as the daily deals player continues to grow. Among them is the Congressional Privacy Caucus (CPC), in particular, Massachusetts Democrat representative Ed Markey and Texas Republican representative Joe Barton. Lately, these two congressmen are perhaps best known for introducing the Do Not Track Kids bill to Congress, a proposed law aimed at providing better online protection for children.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Deliverability, Email Marketing News

Yo Noguchi

6 Ways to Doom Your Email Marketing

Aug 31 2011, 08:39 PM by

Email marketing, when used strategically and in a way that appeals to (and does not repel) your readership, is one of the most profitable techniques to promote products and services. Unfortunately, many marketers repeat the same common errors that make email campaigns perform less effectively.

To honor the coming season of darkness and winter, let’s count down the following 6 ways to doom your email marketing to low click-throughs and obscurity.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Deliverability, Email Design & Templates

Hal Licino

Improve Smartphone Rendering of Your Education Email Newsletters

Aug 30 2011, 06:42 PM by

A growing number of your academic and educational email campaign subscribers are accessing your newsletters on a wide variety of mobile web enabled devices. This percentage is growing so quickly that experts estimate that the majority of emails will be opened on smartphones within the next couple of years. In order to keep providing your services efficiently to your varied email subscribers, it is imperative that your emails display properly on as many of these smartphones as possible. Adhere to these top five ways to improve your email rendering on smartphones to ensure that the majority of your subscribers will be able to view your newsletters as intended.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Deliverability, Email Design & Templates, Education

Andy Shore

Email Marketing News: Sanford “Spam King” Wallace Arrested

Aug 17 2011, 07:24 PM by

An email marketing milestone this month - Notorious spammer Sanford “Spamford” Wallace aka The Spam King was arrested on August 4, 2011 after almost a decade of lawsuits involving his illegal spam activities. Wallace worked his way up from email spam to spamming on social sites such as MySpace and Facebook. As his spamming practices grew, so did the fines he levied. The government has cracked down on spam practices and Wallace’s time has run out. He was finally indicted and will be tried for his crimes.

Posted in Deliverability, Email Marketing News