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Lessons On Leading

Shireen Qudosi

Do Leaders Think Differently?

Jun 30 2013, 06:00 AM by

Ever wonder why some people just seemed like natural born leaders? They seem to just rise to the occasion every time. Whether it’s real life or something out of a movie, in every group there are one or two people that seem to rise to the top. They’re fitted for a leadership role and they excel in it. So what makes them different?

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Shireen Qudosi

Leadership Lessons: Performance vs. Compliance

Jun 29 2013, 06:00 AM by

It may seem like an account auditing term, but performance vs. compliance actually has a lot to do with corporate flow. Companies will usually have a set of guidelines for employees to comply with, followed by a performance measure on those employees. What corporate leadership rarely factors in though is a cross check between performance and compliance. The question they should be asking, but rarely do, is:

Is performance affected by compliance?

Posted in Benchmark Series & Contests, Lessons On Leading

Sushil Rajput

The Essentials to Lead from the Front

Jun 29 2013, 03:00 AM by

Leadership is a quality developed by a person where he or she influences others to accomplish a certain objective or direct a particular organization in a definite way to make it more articulate and organized. In other words, leadership is a process by which an individual influences a particular group of people to achieve a common goal that is for their interest and benefit. Learning the lessons of leadership is processed by developing required knowledge and skills. And after that comes the execution part of that knowledge and skill. A leader can influence others by his or her traits like values, character, beliefs and ethics. Skills and knowledge provide a direct contribution to the process, whereas other traits give him unique characteristics that can set him apart from other leaders.

Posted in Benchmark Series & Contests, Lessons On Leading

William Matthies

You Leading You

Jun 28 2013, 07:00 AM by

Leadership ... a trait most of us aspire to possess, but what is it really and how do we develop leadership skills?

Untold millions of words have been written describing leadership, much of it contradictory. I’d rather not contribute to that. Instead I will drill down to what is for me the most critical element.

To achieve your goals you must lead and direct many things, including other people, all with the sole purpose of achieving the desired result. That being said, can there be any doubt about the importance of you leading you?

Posted in Benchmark Series & Contests, Lessons On Leading