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Andy Shore

Benchmark 5: Things Kitchen Nightmares Teaches Us About Business

May 02 2013, 06:00 AM by

Gordon Ramsay knows food...probably. I’ve never eaten at any of his restaurants. He also knows good television. That I do know for sure. I enjoy Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen and Hotel Hell. Ramsay is really just a great TV character and an excellent host for those shows. I recently discovered the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix and have been enjoying the uncensored Ramsay quite a bit. Watching these shows, I know I’m glad I’m not in the restaurant business. I’ve also learned enough to share these Benchmark 5: Things Kitchen Nightmares Teaches Us About Business.

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Ivana Taylor

A Sneaky Way to Build Your List and Educate Your Customers

Feb 18 2013, 06:00 AM by

How many times have you heard that building your marketing list is the most important activity you can do in your business? Too many times, I’m sure. And how successful have you been so far? Yeah – I thought so.

A strong and engaged marketing list is literally like money in the bank. In fact, I like to say that it’s an asset for your business – as much as any existing customer or equipment or even YOU.

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Richard Vohsing

Will MSN’s War on Graymail Affect Email Marketers?

Dec 12 2012, 09:01 AM by

Graymail is probably a word that you haven’t heard of before, and that’s probably because until only a short time ago it really wasn’t a word at all. MSN recently coined this term to describe legitimate newsletters and emails that a recipient just doesn’t care to receive. Shortly after defining the word, Microsoft launched an all-out attack on Graymail, and it will likely change the face of email marketing forever.

Posted in Lists & Signup Forms, Current Events, Tech Editorial