I recently heard a simple concept from Michael Drew. He said that he wouldn’t do anything in a marketing campaign that he wouldn’t do in real life. When I got my driver’s license in Illinois, I had to bring two pieces of mail (think bills) with me to prove I lived where I said I lived and that I was a resident. Well, IRL (as the kids say these days), there are occasions where we must prove our identification. It is also imperative to do the same with your email marketing campaigns.


DMARC, which stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance,” is an email authentication protocol. Your inbox client(s) attempt to authenticate the sender. This is made easier by using an email address from your own domain, versus one from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Translation? It’s best to send an email campaign from your business’ domain For example: yourname@yourbusiness.com. Most importantly, it’s because it will help you with your deliverability. However, as our Director of Marketing, Daniel Miller, mentions in the video below, it’s also an issue of branding. You don’t want to have the idea that you’re too cheap or can’t afford your own domain name, rather than just having a business Gmail account. For more on this subject, watch our quick pre-recorded Facebook Live video: