Business to business content marketing, more commonly known as B2B content marketing, involves advertising your company’s products and services to other businesses or organizations that will, in turn, either resell them, use them in their marketing strategies or to support their business operations. B2B marketing, along with SEO (search engine optimization), have becoming driving forces in online marketing. Here are five ways to successfully combine the two.

1. White Papers

White papers are excellent forms of online content marketing. They are written with great specificity and clarity, highlighting a particular product or service. Many of them are brief and to-the-point. They are also created to be eye-catching and to stand out. White papers can strengthen your SEO approach because of these very reasons. Unlike regular articles where your target readers may get bogged down in dry information, the brevity of white papers can help to grab tighter hold of their attention. The voice of expert authority that white papers are intended to be written in also helps you gain the readers’ trust and builds your reputation as a company.

2. Infographics

Another great content marketing method is infographics. This form of advertising can best be defined as the visual or graphic representation of information or data. This is intended to get your point across very quickly, even when discussing more complex information. Infographics are seeing a rise in popularity and are very effective in strengthening your SEO. They tend to satisfy those who are too impatient to read through long articles and just want the important facts. The level of creativity needed to create them is also impressive. For these reasons, they are widely shared forms of B2B content on various social media sites.

3. Guest Blog Posts

Doing guest blog posts is probably one of the best ways to improve your content marketing strategy. This is because it is one of the most blatant forms of cross-advertising and marketing between two different businesses. Showing an affiliation with another company, particularly a successful or popular one, can raise the profile of your own company. Guest blogging raises search rankings, which is the primary aim of SEO, as the people who visit the blog will inevitably become interested in what you have to offer.

4. eBook

Downloading e-Books from your company gives potential clients another way to consume your company’s information, wherever they are and whatever they happen to be doing. The convenience of this can lead to an increase in your site’s traffic.

5. Video Series

The fifth and final form of content marketing is creating a video series. Many people prefer learning about things through video, as hearing someone’s voice gives them a feeling of connection to its content. By making a video series, you can reveal yourself to be personable and someone who enjoys true communication. This can influence all those who you wish to target, as that virtual connectedness can keep them coming back for more and raise your search ranking significantly.

There are many more options for you to explore. Content marketing allows you enormous room for creativity and new, innovative ideas. B2B marketing is all about how effectively you can connect with your target audience. Implementing these methods will help you do so and improve your SEO approach.


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