In an blog entitled Top 15 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Blogging Pro, John Paul Aguiar writing on his eponymous site brought up some valuable points that are worth keeping in mind for anyone engaged in online marketing through blogging, whether you’re promoting just your own blog or a product. If your idea of writing good Twitter content is to keep posting how much you hated the latest episode of Big Brother, or pushing your followers to get their credit cards over to your checkout, then you can learn a great deal from applying these most relevant and fundamentally simple Twitter tips to your blogging.

Be Open to Feedback

One of the things that you can definitely count upon on Twitter is that your followers will give you honest feedback on what you’re posting. Sometimes this response can be positive, and at other times it can be scathing. In your blog you have to apply the same standards and be willing to listen to what you’re being told. It’s easy to justify the negative comments by assigning them to h8rs with real or imaginary axes to grind, but only when you open yourself up and put your ego aside to really understand what you’re being told are you going to grow and develop as a tweeter and as a blogger.

Don’t Be Afraid to Self Promote

The essence of blogging lies in promoting the value to your current and potential readers. When a blog is written in the forest and nobody reads it, not only will the blogger not be heard but they will go bankrupt in great haste. Be aware of the very thin line between efficient self-promotion and stalkerish spamming behavior: You should always strive to market the fundamental worth at the core of your blog with an eye towards what your readers can gain by becoming adherents to your blog, but you have to stop short of hounding them. In many ways this is essentially identical to a Twitter post where it’s perfectly fine to advertise your wares maybe once a day, but when it becomes once an hour you’re just begging your followers to tune out.

Set Course for Social Alpha 1: Engage

Twitter utilization can teach bloggers the correct way to approach their writing, and that is to thoroughly and passionately engage your audience. When you’re tweeting you have to be prominently aware of your reader’s preferences and requirements and cater to them, and that applies just as well to blogging. If you think that your blog is a platform to allow you to pontificate to the vast proletariat below you, then you are in the wrong business. Engage your audience as your complete peers and share information freely and with gusto in order to succeed in both tweeting and blogging.

Change Your Name from Han Solo to Greg Arious

The heart of all social media such as Twitter is the social aspect. No one blogger can be all things to all readers, so you’re well advised to seek out blogging partners to bring a wealth of differing perspectives and outlooks onto your specific topic of interest.

Possibly the most important and germane point of all is:

Don’t Dawdle

When you’re faced with getting your point across in 140 measly characters, you discover the value of self-editing to the nth power. This is a talent that you can readily apply to your blogging as well. Chop all the blubber and other filler of dubious value from your voluminous prose. A blog follower has very different expectations than a habitual reader of full length novels, so don’t waste their time by circling around issues; engaging in ad nauseam expository verbiage; or dwelling on aspects that are irrelevant or peripheral. Get the jump, dunk the ball and move on to the next score.

Technically, Twitter is a micro-blog so it can certainly teach bloggers how to make an impact in a condensed format. Take the best of the Twitter techniques and apply them to your blogging to not only raise its profile but to significantly increase the value to your readership.


作者 Hal Licino

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