While social networks like Facebook and Twitter are taking the affiliate marketing world by storm, there is still nothing as powerful as a solid email newsletter campaign to push your sales through the roof.

Here are some things to consider when you are putting together your email campaign:

Subject Lines

The subject line may be the most important part of your email campaign. Subjects have to be catchy and attention grabbing, without being overly long. In fact, the shorter the title, the better. Remember that the subject of your email is the first thing that your target reader is going to see. Draw them in with a killer subject line and the rest will come easily.

The First Third

Most people scan promotional emails as opposed to reading each and every line, so it’s important to have the most important (or appealing) information in the first third of your email. Make sure that when they open your newsletter the best content is waiting for them at the top. The better the content, the more likely they are to read the rest of the email.

Keep It Short

If you have a lot of information you are trying to get across to your readers, it’s best to give that information to them in easy to handle nuggets instead of long paragraphs. Use bullet points to make the content of your newsletter easy to glance over and then link to a more in depth article on your website.


Testimonials are a fantastic addition to any marketing email. There is no better way to build trust between you and a prospective client than to have a satisfied customer talk about his or her experience dealing with you. There are different types of testimonials that you can use: success stories, reviews, even video testimonials, so make sure to switch it up occasionally.

Social Sharing Buttons

Want to have your customers help you promote your affiliate business by telling their friends? Easy. Add social sharing buttons to your email newsletter after each article so that your readers can forward the article to everyone in their social network. These buttons are available for nearly every social networking site, and most of them give you the code so you can just copy and paste it into your email template.

Study the Results

If you are just getting into the affiliate marketing game, you can’t expect to be a big player right away. However, there are certainly things you can do to speed up the process. Google Analytics is a phenomenal tool that every email marketer should use. Google Analytics allows you to track everything from how many people are opening your emails, the time they spend reading your email, to whether or not they go to your web site afterwards. Like most things, in email marketing you learn from your mistakes; Google Analytics just speeds up the process.

Email marketing is a great way to increase your long term sales, as well as gain new clients. Be sure to try different things, and get creative. One of the first things you will learn is that what works for one customer won’t necessarily work for another, so stay on your toes, and happy marketing!


作者 Daniel Cassady

Daniel Cassady is a freelance writer for a major film association website and has had work published in some of the top marketing, technology and social media-focused blogs.