Black Friday has become a phenomenon. Mere hours after being stuffed to the brim with turkey and all the accoutrements, we stand in lines that wind around the corner from our local mega-store for bargain basement prices. I have to admit, I am guilty of this myself and on more than one occasion.

One year, we spent several hours hanging out with my friend’s dad before he had to go into work as an early morning radio sports reporter. He was even kind enough to give us a shout out on the radio, though we could have done without being called crazy idiots.

Last year, I was in dire need of a new television. The TV in my apartment had broken, and the part needed was irreparable. Since the TV had been discontinued, it would cost less to buy a new one than to fix the old one. I did my research and found a decent enough TV at an excellent price. I volunteered to go pick it up too. Wow, was I unprepared. There was a line that stretched halfway around the building. Throngs of people sat wrapped in blankets, reading books, playing cards… you name it. I resorted to playing games on my phone. That is until the battery died an hour into my wait.

Many of the people in line didn’t even know what they were looking for. They just wanted to buy as much stuff on sale as possible. The representatives at the mega-store I was at handed out brochures and sales sheets to everyone in line. I couldn’t help but think how much more effective it would have been to send them emails with all that information.

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Black Friday shopping strategies:

– Research the best sales and prices well before Thanksgiving.

– Get there plenty early, and bring activities and snacks.

– Go with friends. Time will go by faster.

– Look for online only Black Friday specials (and laugh at us fools in line at 2am).

– Make a list. Don’t let all the sales prices lure you in. You could end up spending way more than you intended if you succumb to impulse purchases.

Sample subject lines:

– Black Friday deals leave you with more green

– Your wallet will be the one stuffed after Thanksgiving

– Big savings on Black Friday from [your company]


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