Order up! Benchmark Email is pleased to deliver its latest email marketing manual, Restaurant Email Marketing: Riding the Crest of the Foodie Revolution with Email Marketing. It’s a delicious serving of current restaurant, cafe and dining statistics, patiently researched and satisfying to the senses (that is to say, the formatting is quite nice and the convenience of reading it online or downloading it for free makes sense).

This white paper covers the most up to date trends in Restaurant Email Marketing, from open rates to click-throughs and just how many restaurants are really taking advantage of social and online marketing.

In the guide you’ll find statistics and background on restaurant metrics versus other industries, investigate the short and long term goals of a successful restaurant marketer, learn about Benchmark’s award-winning email features and how to take advantage of our unique restaurant email marketing solution. It’s free, it’s palatable and it’s guaranteed to help you build your successful email marketing plan. Don’t believe us? You should. We wouldn’t let a deal this good go out half baked.

For more free email marketing manuals and industry white papers, follow the link to our marketing resources page.


作者 Pierce Nahigyan

Pierce Nahigyan was the Content Manager, editor and head copywriter for Benchmark Email from November 2010 - March 2013. He writes weekly short fiction at Aleph to Zydeco and film editorials for Primitive Screwheads.