As we move into 2014, the workplace is experiencing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) explosion and it is only expected to continue to grow. What is driving the BYOD boom? What does it mean for the workplace? What are the potential benefits and risks?

As devices get smaller and more affordable, more people are carrying PCs in their pockets and bags, so much so that it is predicted that over one third of organizations will stop providing devices to their employees by 2016. When asked what is their most relied-upon device, 85% of employees name smartphones and 89% of employees’ mobile devices are connecting to corporate networks.

Since most people’s smartphones go with them everywhere, companies are seeing increased productivity of 9 hours per week for each using his/her BYOD outside of the office. This means that BYOD is here to stay, but 90% of IT professionals are worried about sharing company content via mobile. To avoid data control loss, leaks, and security issues for online sharing, it is crucial for companies to develop policies and have plans in place to manage BYOD without risk, while still making necessary data available to employees- wherever they may be.

Take a deeper dive into this data, and tips, in the infographic below, by Egnyte. Is your company already using some of these security strategies to manage BYOD? Let’s discuss in the comments.



作者 Kelsey Cox

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