In this day and age when we talk about marketing—Digital and Physical—we know that content is a key component to drive results that help us reach our goals. In terms of tactics, we know that Email marketing has an ROI of $40 for each $1 invested and that social media is a powerful weapon when you need to get your content distributed.

Another key for said success lays in having a Customer Experience orientation, meaning: creating an environment that allows your customers and the ones that aren’t yet, have the same experience each time they come in contact with your brand, no matter the channel. To achieve that, you need to combine different communication channels and media in an effective and creative way that maximizes your results. But, how do you start?

1. Define Where You’re Standing

This is the year 2016 (no, really!), at this point of the game you should know that your email campaigns should contain at least links to your social profiles and that you should have an integration in place to let people sign up to your newsletter from your Facebook Fan Page,  if you’re not doing any of the two, ask yourself: where do you want to start? and what you need to get it rolling?

A few ideas to get you started on the basics would be:

  • Insert social media channel icons in your email
  • Add a signup form to your Facebook fan page
  • Define the social media goals that Email can help you achieve and vice versa
  • Define which pieces of your content work better in any of these channels
Social Media Buttons in Email

An example of social media buttons in an email campaign.

2. Facebook ‘Like’ Button Embedded in Your Emails

Invite your subscribers to click the Facebook ‘Like’ button for your content, without them having to leave your email campaign. This makes it easier for them to: share your content, refer you to potential new clients and even launch contests based on the total of Likes and Shares for the content you send them.

Add Facebook Like Button to email

The steps to include a ‘Like’ Button in your email with Benchmark.

3. Upload Your Lists to Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

A highly powerful method, to not only get in contact with your subscribers but to also understand them and get more from them, is uploading your lists to different social media channels. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others, allow you to upload your email lists and the possibilities of what you can achieve are as endless as your creativity, some ideas you can try:

  • Create targeted ad campaigns to people that are already interested in your brand
  • Create groups or lists of people so you can send targeted messages and special offers
  • Connect with your clients and understand their online behavior, that way you can keep improving their Customer Experience
LinkedIn list upload

Uploading a contact list to LinkedIn.

4. Integrate Your Email With Your Social Media Channels

Although there are integrations that automatically tweet or post your emails to your social channels when you send them, there are template integrations that pull your latest posts and data from your social profiles, making it easier for your followers to catch up on your social media activities right inside their inbox.

Social Media template integrations.

Benchmark Email’s social media template integrations.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, whether you are an experienced marketer or someone who is just getting started you should know that the possibilities are endless especially in the digital world, I would love to hear your ideas and how you have integrated social and email or other questions you might have.


作者 Adrastos Cruz

I serve as a Marketing Design Manager for Benchmark, and I truly believe that Design is not mandatory for your brand to live but absolutely imperative for it to thrive. As for a Bio: it's all still happening, stay tuned.