Marketing is vital to the longevity of any business. However, if we keep using the exact same approach, things are bound to get stale over time. Change is good and often necessary when considering that you’ve got the threat of competition essentially forcing you to keep up with the ever evolving trends. Even the best game plan needs reloading every now and then, so here are some easy ways to refresh your email marketing strategy:

Switch Up Your Design

We are often told not to judge a book by its cover, but isn’t that’s what we do more often than not? Why? Because the book with the sturdy hardback cover and brilliant artwork is much more appealing to the eye than the flimsy looking book decorated with nothing but boring text beside it. We tend to do the same thing with email because the message complemented by an equally compelling design is more likely to get read than one presented in long blocks of plaintext. If response rates have been down, bringing them back to a respectable level could be as simple as refreshing your design. Whether it’s built around a holiday or season, a new look just might get some of those disengaged readers to start paying attention to your message again.

Try Something New

Maybe your email marketing needs a major overhaul. Maybe it just needs a little tweaking. Whatever the case may be, trying something new is never a bad idea. For your business it could be using email to entice subscribers with an incentive program. Or maybe it’s finally rolling out that newsletter you’ve been thinking about to scale back frequency and add more value to your interactions. Whether it’s experimenting with your first drip campaign or dedicating yourself to combine email marketing with other channels, taking a different approach can breath new life into your efforts.

Change According to Your Audience

Throughout the years, we have seen a number of brands repackage themselves to maintain relevance and adapt with the changing times. In several cases, those rebranding acts were done to keep up with the evolution of the company’s target audience. While you don’t necessarily need to rebrand just to refresh your email marketing, making changes according to your audience is never a bad idea. Are your readers really checking their email on mobile devices, or do most of them still prefer to view messages on their desktop? Find out what it is they truly want before you go making drastic changes they may not be receptive to.

The key to refreshing an email marketing strategy is being able to make an honest assessment of your business and what it needs to continue to move in the right direction. You can’t be afraid to adopt a new strategic vision, even when your existing strategy has been working for the most part. Leave your email marketing idle and it could remain stuck in neutral while the competition steadily moves toward the finish line.


作者 Yo Noguchi

Yo Noguchi is a freelance writer and guest blogger with work published in Better Networker,, and other top-tier sites. He specializes in writing about blogging, video email and traditional email marketing.