I’ve been covering the cream of the crop when it comes to social media management platforms, including much-favored go-to channels like Spredfast. The final top tier in management to this social media empire rests with Engage121 – a sleekly designed software company that gets you:

  1. More Facebook Fans
  2. Innovative outreach campaigns
  3. A better digital experience
  4. Improved customer relations

It’s no wonder that Engage121 was a finalist in Mashable’s “Digital Media Company of the Year.”

What Industry Is Engage121 Best Suited For?

The downside of a lot of digital media management platforms is the limited use you get out of each. Most times you’ll have to pair two to three different software to get the full spectrum of capability you need. Engage121 is different in the sense that one software covers the needs of multiple departments and duties.Marketing – Whether you’re blogging, sharing YouTube vids or engaging on Facebook and Twitter, Engage121 helps you measure and track your success. It also offers you tools to boost traffic and engagement, as well as target specific groups of users or demographics. You can manage multiple brands and keep communication and workflow separate for each account.Public Relations – Use Engage121 to target your message, monitor the conversation and find new connections.Customer Service – Engage121’s ten years of experience qualify them as experts that will help you maintain, organize and manage your customer service efforts. You can also move beyond broad customer service management (CSM) to regional and franchise CSM.

What Type of Company Should Use Engage121?

One of the things that makes Engage121 so appealing is that it appeals to both companies of varying size and reach. Larger companies can use the software to (1) create personal relationships with their customers, (2) influence key business metrics and (3) increase traffic to outlets, branches and stores.Agencies, on the other hand, can use Engage121 to cater to their own business needs. Both large-scale and small-scale boutique styled agencies use the platform to (1) manage client social media accounts and campaigns, (2) manage content creation and flow, (3) make use of Facebook templates to fuse design and function.Smaller companies and DIY business types create a powerful local presence with Engage121 through creating local specials and taking advantage of real-time social media campaigns. More established companies and those with multi-regional outreach can use the same niche-based marketing techniques to drive local sales. The goal, regardless of the type of reach you have, is to drive traffic and increase sales.Engage121 also offers curious potential clients free resources to help them understand where they currently stand on the social media frontier in comparison with their competitors. You can see how you compare, track your current social media influence, access case studies and engage in dynamic searches.

My two cents is this…if you’re an agency or sole entrepreneur in the marketing industry, you need SOME type of social media management software just to make your job easier. You’ll likely have client campaigns to worry about and the last thing you need is to spend all day updating various blogs and social media accounts; it’s a complete waste of time and you can factor in the cost of the software into your fees. Using the software also gives you an extra selling point for your clients – it shows you have an appealing, winning and refined system.


作者 Shireen Qudosi

Shireen Qudosi is Benchmark Email's Online Marketing Specialist and Small Business Advocate. An Orange County based writer, Shireen specializes in online marketing and public relations. She has written for over 75 publications and has launched nine successful new media campaigns to date. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Denver Post, the Oklahoman and Green Air Radio, among others.