Yesterday Andy blogged about Benchmark Email’s Latest Facebook App. Today I’m here to tell you about the benefits of this new feature. Ready to start cooking? Here’s how:

I need a way for users to join my subscription list, even when they’re not visiting my site. Social media now gives us the opportunity to extend a company’s reach beyond our blogs and websites. The Facebook App allows Benchmark users to place a Signup Box directly on their Fan Pages. However you want to design it, you can customize the form’s copy and fans can then submit their email directly to your account. If users are already checking out your fan page, all they need to do is enter their email and click “Sign Up!” Subscribers will then be added to the contact list of the user’s choosing.

Benchmark has provided a whole new cross channel. As you expand your online marketing, take advantage of the social networks that your prospects and current customers are joining. Kickstart your integration into high gear while solidifying your social presence. Each of your future subscribers will be added as soon as they submit and you can set autoresponders to welcome them to your community. Decide for yourself by following the link below. (Even works with the 30-Day-Free-Trial!)

Necessity is the mother of invention and your company needs access to your customer base. Open up the communication even further. Unlock the possibilities with the Benchmark Email Signup Form on Facebook. Go out and earn some fans today!

Help yourself to the full setup instructions by visiting our Benchmark How-to FAQ on adding the signup form to your Fan Page.


作者 Pierce Nahigyan

Pierce Nahigyan was the Content Manager, editor and head copywriter for Benchmark Email from November 2010 - March 2013. He writes weekly short fiction at Aleph to Zydeco and film editorials for Primitive Screwheads.