Despite not getting the attention some loyal fans feel it rightfully deserves, LinkedIn is quietly rolling along as one of best online marketing platforms for professionals. The site recently surpassed the impressive milestone of 150 million users, which is another sign that it is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the social arena.

Is your LinkedIn profile the best it could be? If you’re like many busy professionals out there, it could probably use a tune-up. Here are some simple things you can do to tighten up your LinkedIn profile:

Use Your Best Photos

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your LinkedIn profile is put up a good picture. What? You say you already have a photo? That’s cool, but is it a good one? Hopefully so, because the photo you choose can hurt you just as much as it helps you. For example, that picture of the slimmer, trimmer you of 10 years ago may represent you looking your best, but what happens when you land that job interview or secure that face-to-face meeting with a potential client? Maybe it’s no big deal at all – or maybe it makes you come off as a deceptive individual who can’t be trusted.

Be Honest

It is common for people to pretend to be someone else online. The anonymity aspect of the internet makes it far too easy. Despite how common it may be, this is something you want to avoid when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. This goes for little white lies as well. So you don’t really have a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing? This is the internet. No one will find out. Maybe you’re right, or maybe you’ll have to own up and verify your claims. You can pad your LinkedIn profile with all sorts of accolades, but what happens when you can’t produce?

Take Advantages of Apps

The LinkedIn profile has more than enough sections to play with, but there are also quite a few extra perks you incorporate for added value. For example, by using some of the available apps, you can give your profile functionality that ranges from slideshow presentations to WordPress integration. The LinkedIn platform certainly benefits developers, but you don’t need programming skills to benefit from these extras. Whether it is showcasing your work with Portfolio Display or sharing documents with Files, all apps can be added in a single click.

Complete It

The LinkedIn profile is pretty extensive and new sections seem to be added on a regular basis. With that said, you want to make sure you get as close to 100% complete as you possibly can. The more complete it is, the better you look to the potential employers, clients or partners you want to connect with on LinkedIn. In the process of completing your profile, keep in mind that while you want to use keywords to enhance search value, you don’t want to go overboard by using too many. Aside from staying on Google’s good side, keeping your SEO touches light will make your profile look more appealing to human visitors, which is who you are trying to attract.

As a professional navigating the social media space, the profile is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. This, along with your content is what will attract outsiders and encourage them to connect. LinkedIn may not necessarily have the social appeal of Facebook or Twitter, but it can be just as and even more valuable on the networking side when used correctly. Creating a killer profile is half the battle.


作者 Yo Noguchi

Yo Noguchi is a freelance writer and guest blogger with work published in Better Networker,, and other top-tier sites. He specializes in writing about blogging, video email and traditional email marketing.