Picture the following scene… There’s a nine year old boy using his tiny fingers to code away on the computer in HTML and other languages; all while building communities and websites for thousands of people across the globe.

That little boy was me.

I got my start in the online world at a very young age. For some reason I was just completely enthralled by the internet. The year was 1999, when the internet world was buzzing at a monstrous pace, and all sorts of communities were popping up here and there.

With my love of animals, I quickly built a database of online animal “care sheets” (supplemented by a thriving community), and then embarked on my pride and joy, Sleddoggin.com. Sleddoggin.com quickly grew into one of the world’s largest dog sporting communities online. I used all the knowledge imparted to me by my father (the owner and producer of one of California’s largest event marketing companies) – and put all my heart and passion into my own dog sledding community.

At this time I was 12 and running my own eCommerce site online. People far and wide thought it quite amazing that a youngster learned how to use the internet to sell a product, and I was soon featured in magazines and shipping out dog supplements and supplies to people all over the world.

I Began a Love Affair with WordPress…

At this point, let’s fast forward a little… My career in internet marketing didn’t take off until I began my love affair with WordPress. As soon as I first installed WordPress on my local server, and began toying around, I was immediately left with a full heart. WordPress wrapped her warm, delicate fingers around my online presence…and I was immediately hooked. I fell in love like a ten-year-old school girl falls in love with Justin Bieber. In short time I converted my own websites (and all my clients) over to WordPress. And why?

WordPress is king when it comes to content management. It’s easy to use, perfected (with some plugins) when it comes to SEO, and startup costs are minimal and almost non-existent for some corporations.

I recommend all companies, small and large, move over to a self-hosted WordPress setup immediately. You’ll see copious rewards immediately, and into the future. Trust me.

WordPress Continued Building My Career

After getting to know WordPress by our budding love affair, word got out. I spent years building countless websites for clients on the WordPress platform, and to this day, they too have fallen in love.

A few years ago I decided to expand my business into new horizons. I knew blogging was the answer. I began imparting my knowledge in the worlds of web development, online marketing, search engine optimization and community organization, through my own WordPress blog. Due to WordPress’ scalable nature, I’m now syndicated to 46+ million people through Triberr, and thousands of people visit my blog daily.

WordPress Is Special in One Word…Simplicity

WordPress does its job. Well.

I reach millions of people on a regular basis by using the WordPress system, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I consult with Fortune 500 companies, my own company builds WordPress blogs, and I’m fortunate enough to connect with the salt of the earth. And why?

Because I had a love affair with WordPress…and she made my career.

Thank you, WordPress.
Christian Hollingsworth

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作者 Christian Hollingsworth

Christian Hollingsworth is a blogger, entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant and recording artist. He makes money online and teaches others how to do the same. He spends his time consulting with Fortune 500 companies down to tiny businesses in regards to their online branding, social media development, and relationships with customers. Recently, Christian was placed on the "Sponsored Tweets Web Celeb List," is quoted in college textbooks and major media outlets, and named a 2011/2012 Small Business Influencers Nominee & Honorable Mention. His company blog is followed by 180,000+ people on Twitter, and has a reach of 46+ million people via Triberr. It's become a hub of information in regards to small business ownership, making money online, branding, web development, design and personal development.