Spring Cleaning is a yearly tradition in which we purge our homes, offices and lives of clutter and give it all a deep cleaning. Those same ideals can be applied to email marketing to put a spring in the success of your business. Here’s a helpful infographic that will hopefully inspire you to give your email marketing a spring cleaning. Plus, we’ve embedded the video of the Heart of Business Round Table Live on Facebook for all of you, if you’re looking to hear more about how you can apply the ideals of Spring Cleaning to your email marketing efforts.


作者 Andy Shore

Andy Shore found his way to Benchmark when he replied to a job listing promising a job of half blogging, half social media. His parents still don’t believe that people get paid to do that. Since then, he’s spun his addiction to pop culture and passion for music into business and marketing posts that are the spoonful of sugar that helps the lessons go down. As the result of his boss not knowing whether or not to take him seriously, he also created the web series Ask Andy, which stars a cartoon version of himself. Despite being a cartoon, he somehow manages to be taken seriously by many of his readers ... and few of his coworkers.