Of your subscribers, trust us when we say that not all of them will want to receive your once a week or even once every two weeks emails. These recipients, for one reason or another, would rather just read your email in one fell swoop, most likely once a month. For this reason, we recommend a “light” version of your email.

Now, we should start by saying that there’s no difference between the content spanning several newsletters and your light version. The light version merely means that all your info will be folded into one email rather than two or even four. This gives the recipient the illusion that you’re sending them less, even though you’re not.

Here are a few reasons who you should send out a light version:

    • It helps cut back on spam and unsubscribe complaints
    • It shows customers you care about them
    • It keeps your email relevant with recipients

Giving email subscribers the option of reading less frequent emails is a sure way to gain trust. If you can get away with sending a light version once a month rather than losing the customer, doesn’t it seem like the obvious thing to do?


作者 Benchmark Team