My younger brother has been losing weight for a while now. He’s almost at the point where he’s basically halved himself, and not in the Dewey Cox sense of it.

He had to acquire a whole new wardrobe. He sought out sales and found a sizable clearance sale going on at the Old Navy website. Just days after the he placed the order, he lamented that he had received an email offering an even bigger sale.

It’s an interesting email marketing tactic. I know from personal experience in online shopping that when I do pull the trigger on something, there are probably other items I decided against. An email campaign touting even bigger savings than previously enjoyed seems a good way to get me to relent and buy the additional items.

It’s a spin on the classic up-sell move. A re-up, if you will. You’re taking subscribers that you already converted and paving the way for them to do so again. It’s a post-purchase tactic that many businesses would be smart to utilize.