If Content is King, then WordPress is the Queen that runs the show, and the one who calls all the shots 😉

Ever since 2003, WordPress has been the most popular blogging software on the web. Also for non-bloggers, companies still prefer to use WordPress to run their site, thanks to their ease of use, the ability to manage the site from any computer, the readability in search engines, and my own personal favorite, the fact that you don’t need to know a bit of HTML editing to run your site.

So don’t worry, you don’t need to know any of this weird alien language:

html code

You can simply create a new blog post, upload a photo or video, and change your page format all within a simple dashboard.

Even though WordPress started out as a hobby for those who just simply wanted to blog for fun, quality content marketing is becoming so critical in increasing brand awareness and gaining new customers that WordPress is now a fundamental tool in every marketing strategy.

Creating relevant and valuable content is just 30% of the work. Your well-written and informative blog isn’t going to attract anyone if you just let it sit there. That’s why the other 70% goes into email marketing to spread the word around!

Everyone already knows what email marketing is: emailing customers newsletters, promotions, short blurbs here and there to build loyalty and interactions between the customers and the company. Why not unite both content marketing and email marketing to create the ultimate online marketing royalty? Way more exciting than William and Kate.

Benchmark Email has a new easy to use plugin, Benchmark Email Lite, which was specifically made for WordPress to incorporate the benefits of email marketing right into your WordPress account.

With the plugin, you can create and customize a signup form to add to any page on your site. If readers just can’t enough of your blog, they can subscribe by entering their email addresses into the signup box so they can be notified by email when you have a new post, or they can receive any information you want to send to them. In businesses, constant interaction with customers is important, and the rule still applies with blogging. Readers come to your site to read your blog, but what will keep them coming back to your blog is if you have something additional to offer them as well.

Think of weekly newsletters, relevant articles, industry updates, fun giveaways, random contests, etc. Readers will start to see you as a wealth of information they need, instead of just a blogger. What is also unique about these forms is that they automatically adjust to blend into your current webpage’s color scheme, so everything looks professional and seamless.

The plugin also allows you to create blog posts as campaigns to send out to your readers. This makes it much more convenient for your readers since they can simply just go to their inboxes to read your blogs. You will also be able to view your blog’s analytics and track down when and where your traffic is coming from.

This plugin is a must have for WordPress users out there that want to see their email list grow right off their page, and in a user-friendly way too!


作者 Dorothy Le

Dorothy Le is living proof that anyone from any background can learn email marketing. As a first-generation Asian American female that went from a strict sheltered home to entering the real world, she is learning, for the first time, what everyone else already knows. That includes how to have your business succeed through online marketing and social media. Be sure to follow her blogs for easy step-by-step posts... with zero intimidation!