Just when you think that quality products and services, excellent customer support and competitive prices are enough to make your business boom, here comes a looming question: How should you let potential customers know that you have exactly what they need?

It is indisputable that traditional forms of advertising (like TV commercials and print ads) do the trick in some ways. After all, those things wouldn’t still be here if they had not proven themselves effective for so long. However, the advent of the Internet drastically changed the playing field for businesses big and small.

Whenever the modern internet user with dollars to spend needs a certain product or service, he or she won’t just sit in front of the TV all day to wait for a commercial that can address his needs. She’d rather go online, pull up her favorite search engine and enter a few words that relate to what she’s looking for. This is exactly why you should give a slice of your attention to search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is all about online visibility. It takes advantage of the fact that people rely heavily on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for information. Of course, your business is not the only one that aims to get a spot in cyberspace. Your aim is to rank high on these search engines because prospective customers don’t have the time to browse all of the search results. Landing on the fifth page or below is almost the same as not landing on a spot at all.

When you want to optimize your business in leading search engines, here are some of the things that you should consider before launching a business website.

Monitor Keywords

When people look for a product or a service using a search engine, they enter a string of words that directly relate to what they’re looking for. These “keywords” are pretty important things to consider when creating web content. It is easier for search engines to detect that your website can address the needs of a person looking for information if you use the right keywords.

Keywords help search engines measure the relevance of your page to a user’s search. It used to be that the more keywords you had on your page, the better. However, this led to keyword stuffing by people who wanted to get to the top of search results. This was an abusive practice and didn’t help anyone. So the search engines got smarter, and the way you should use keywords is much more nuanced today than just saying the same keywords over and over again…

Search Engines Hate Duplicate Content

Make sure that the content of your website is as unique as it can be. When you copy a page from a different website, search engines like Google get confused in deciding which page should get a better ranking. Therefore, a page that doesn’t have any copied content will get prioritized.

Get Some External Help

You should realize that SEO is a long-term investment and something that you’ll need to spend significant time learning about. Any outside help you can find will make this process quicker.

There are other ways to improve the online visibility of your business. If you sell services, another great way to rank high on Google is signing up on a website that serves as an online marketplace. Thumbtack, for example, optimizes your service listing for free. All you have to do is make a profile that tells everyone what you offer and then Thumbtack does all the work for you.

Your visibility and accessibility on the Internet can make or break your business. It is universally accepted that a search engine is a convenient way for people to look for someone who can cater to their needs. Why not optimize your business and take advantage of this trend?


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Thumbtack is an online marketplace for local services based in San Francisco, CA. Thumbtack was started in 2008 and is available nationwide. Thumbtack provides an easy way for small businesses to market themselves online. More than 170,000 local service professionals have used Thumbtack's free listings to market themselves online. Thumbtack also provides consumers with a quick and trusted way to book local services online. Do you need a graphic designer or a home remodeler to do a job for you? Thumbtack seeks to deliver 3-5 bids on any kind of local service job to your email inbox within 24 hours. This helps save you time and money when searching for reputable local professionals.