With the launch of Benchmark’s iPhone App, you may have some questions regarding how to put it to its best use. We are on the precipice of a brave new email marketing world, but have no fear. We invite you now to sit back, and imagine, imagine yourself in comfortable, stylish shoes, the faint scent of rain wafting past your nostrils. Imagine a distant roll of thunder. The lightning cracks…and you have become…

The Most Interesting Benchmark Mobile App User in the World!

No One Works the Room Like You

Ah, how you love to press the flesh at these conventions, Mr. or Mrs. (or is it Miss?) Number One in Sales. No one can resist your approach when you’re on. And you are always on.

Who is this that wants to know about what you and your company does? You could school them in five minutes. In ten minutes, they could go to “well qualified lead status.” If you had an hour lunch with them, they’d think you were their best friend and you’d know them as your company’s best new customer.

There’s Barely Time for a Mention at This Convention

But we don’t have an hour or even five minutes. We only have time to tell them what we do and to hopefully show enough personality to get an email address. Don’t reach for a pencil, that’s soooo analog. And please don’t think about a flyer. No one wants you to contribute to their carrying load on this convention floor.

Benchmark Mobile Quickly Builds Email Lists

Better get your iPhone out and click that beautiful B on the screen. Hit Contacts. Pick your “new leads” list. Tap in your potential’s name and email address. They’ll love that their very personal contact info is taken seriously enough to go into your personal phone. Now that’s what I call a relationship!

Wow, that was easy. You could do this all day, twenty seconds at a time. And you will. There’s a lot of leads here and you need to meet as many as possible.

And You Can Launch or Resend Web-Created Emails Right from Your iPhone

Got time for coffee? Take a seat while you wait for the slowest barista in Denver to make your overpriced mocha. Break out that iPhone and open up the app. See that fancy product intro newsletter you created on your Benchmark Email web account? It’s already been sent to your “new leads” list a few weeks back. Doesn’t matter. All you have to do is hit “resend.” Any new names added, and only the new names added, will now be sent your highest ROI generating email newsletter. Tip that barista anyway. You’re in a good mood now because you’re making money quicker than ever with the Benchmark Email Mobile app.


作者 Paul Rijnders

Paul Rijnders is the Product Strategy Manager for Benchmark Email, where his focus includes product development, research, technical writing, feature development, testing and launching of SaaS products and iOS apps that interact with our software via API. He is the human junction between the executive and marketing teams that request the product, the IT team that builds the back end, the design team that creates the front end, the content team that gives the product a voice and the eager sales and support teams who will eventually take delivery of the product. Paul is a product of the CSUF advertising program, He now rounds out his schedule teaching college level courses to multi-media undergrads on two California campuses.