If expert email content crafting was easy everyone would be doing it. Follow these five tips to become a consummate email content expert par excellence!

    1. A call to action is not a punchline. There you are, crafting a long and detailed email all leading up to the final powerful and impactful call to action. Er… excuse me, are you writing a stand up comedy joke or are you creating email content? A call to action is not a punchline but it is an organic and fully integrated aspect of your email content which should not just be restricted to the last line of the text. Who ever said that the only place to have a call to action is at the end? You should be placing several calls to action throughout the copy as well as peppered liberally through the email layout itself. Keep in mind that an inordinate number of your email subscribers are only going to quickly scan the email and many never even get to the end before their nanometer long attention spans take them in another direction. So if you only have your call to action at the end of your email a considerable number of your readers will never even see it!
    2. The proof is in the pudding. Why are you not proofing your email content? Actually better yet, why are you not having a professional proofreader checking every single word that is plunked into your email text? Too many email marketers are working under merciless deadlines and cut to the bone budgets so they think that they can’t afford to hire a proofreader but they’re wrong. You can’t afford not to hire one! Depending on your volume you don’t have to put a proofreader on a full time payroll (unless you’re a huge multinational corporation and then the budget line item is not really an issue anyway), as you can just contract out your proofreading services to someone who works at home on a strictly part time basis. The funds you are allocating to your proofreading efforts are in no way comparable to the loss of respect your entire brand will suffer when your email text looks like it was composed by kindergarten students.
    3. Exile emphatic characters. While we’re on the subject of proofreading, restrict the use of lots of UPPERCASE CHARACTERS, emphatic punctuation and symbols ( ! ? -> ), and those dastardly emoticons to the emails you are sending to your kids at college. Those misbegotten radicals of the English language have absolutely no place in your email marketing content so make sure that they never ever ever creep in!
    4. Go stuff your keywords… Trips to Cabo San Lucas are most enjoyable when your trips to Cabo San Lucas are in the company of other lovers of trips to Cabo San Lucas who have as much fun in their trips to Cabo San Lucas as you are in your many trips to Cabo San Lucas in the past and the future trips to Cabo San Lucas you’ll have? If you can manage to get your email subscriber to actually get through that keyword-stuffed sentence the next action they will take is to relegate your email to the Junk Folder? What are you doing with SEO keyword stuffing in the first place anyway (have you never heard of Google Farmer, Panda, and Penguin?) and most of all why are you doing that in an email text? Sure, some companies recycle their email text into website Google bot fodder and that’s a wise policy, but regardless of what your final utilization is for your email content you should never even remotely think about writing like a circa 1998 spammer!
    5. K.I.S.S. You can never tire of keeping it simple, silly! This last, but most important factor in proper email content creation is massively critical. Don’t overcomplicate anything, but cut everything down to the bone! Get your message across quickly, efficiently, and powerfully!

You’re just five tips away to expertly mastering your chosen craft… and you certainly can’t do it without them!


作者 Hal Licino

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