In 2011 I predicted mobile marketing would be big in 2012. In 2012, mobile marketing has achieved its own niche marketing subcategory. Just like I predicted Pinterest was going to be big, I’m predicting mobile marketing will be a necessity for any viable business in the next 5 years. If you don’t have it, you’re out of the game.

Considering mobile marketing relevance, it’s key to start looking at companies that make this new industry easier to process – and Trumpia is a winning candidate when it comes to mobile marketing solutions.

Trumpia orchestrates multi-channel message delivery; your message broadcasts across social media, IM, voice, text and email, which offers users spam-free repeat exposure. While they hail themselves as a five-channel cross marketing suite, Trumpia in fact offers much more than that. They offer keywords, short codes and coupons. Service industries can benefit from SMS appointment reminders for their customers and retail industries from smart QR codes (think of the black and white scan code more and more businesses are offering on their products). Social media also factors in with Facebook widgets that can be harnessed for collecting signups, creating custom background templates, creating autoresponders and shortened signup URLs, as well as storing signup address books and embedding signup widgets onto your site.

With everything they have to offer and mobile marketing’s relevance, Trumpia is surprisingly affordable. Their services range from $25 – $50 per month for Basic Plans; Premium Plans range from $80 – $450/month. I recommend boosting your mobile marketing budget up by a few dollars to get the lower end of the Premium Plans, which (unlike Basic Plans) include coupons, MMS, mobile voting, text-to-screen, custom data fields, shuffle responder, mobile e-card, voice broadcast and premium short codes. Trumpia also offers a price match guarantee as well as a free trial.

The company offers email support and a toll-free number (having phone support is critical and is also something to consider when sourcing the competition). Trumpia also offers a host of online resources, including well-developed videos, blogs, starter guides and tutorials.

If you’re looking to weigh the options, check out Trumpia’s leading competitors starting with InvolveMobile, EZtexting,, txtwire and Innovative Mobile. When searching a competitor, you should first consider your own needs. Is application a consideration; what about pricing and scalability? If there are no set parameters or if you’re in need of the best of the best, simply look to what other leading companies are using their provider. In the case of Trumpia, they have a very long and impressive list of clientele, from Ivy League universities to Fortune 500 companies, to the top-rated restaurant chains.

What You Have to Gain from a Smart Mobile Marketing Campaign

Getting active with mobile marketing isn’t just a trend though – it’s about smart business. A multi-channel mobile marketing suite will help you reach customers anytime anywhere. More and more of us are no longer tied to our desks, but we’re always plugging in via our cell phones. Even Kindles and iPads can’t yet compete with the ease of web-browsing and email checking with your phone. Integrating the five most popular methods of message broadcast (mobile text, email, IM, voice broadcast and social media), you’re near guaranteeing a connection with your customer or audience. This increases the likelihood of increasing track metrics, cementing a brand, getting responses, clicks, conversion and just getting more users opted-in they way you want them to.
Every industry can benefit from mobile marketing, especially retailers, print/digital/and broadcast media, entertainment/promotions, marketers/advertisers and restaurants.


作者 Shireen Qudosi

Shireen Qudosi is Benchmark Email's Online Marketing Specialist and Small Business Advocate. An Orange County based writer, Shireen specializes in online marketing and public relations. She has written for over 75 publications and has launched nine successful new media campaigns to date. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Denver Post, the Oklahoman and Green Air Radio, among others.