Having a blog on your website is now an essential component of your online marketing strategy. With the changes that Google has made in recent months with the Panda and Penguin updates, having a solid content strategy is more important than ever before and your blog is the central hub for your websites content development. Regularly updating and adding posts to your blog is the catalyst for many of your marketing strategies. This is the prime reason why you need to have a blog.

Here are some other important reasons why a blog is a must:

    1. It provides SEO benefits. Content is still king and your blog is one of the most effective ways to continuously add fresh content to your website, which will help you maintain your search ranking.


    1. It’s an easy way to add content. Blogs make it easy to add content. Rather than having to create new pages on your website, all you have to do is log in and add the content. With the simplicity of blog platforms today, if you know your way around Microsoft Word you can easily add content to a blog.


    1. Establish yourself as a thought leader and expert. The more you blog and the more you write about topics within your industry, the better chance that you have of being an expert in your industry.


    1. It will increase website traffic. Having a blog gives people a reason to come back to your website on a regular basis, thus helping to increase new and repeat traffic.


    1. It is great sharable social media content. Ever struggle about what to post on Facebook or Twitter? A blog can easily fix this problem. Once you add a blog post to your website, your next step should be to share it on your social media profiles.


  1. It helps with user engagement. Blogging not only helps to increase traffic to your website, it also gives users another way to engage with your company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and encourage users to comment on your posts. This will create discussions and get people more involved with your brand.

These are only a few of the dozens of ways that a blog will benefit your website and your brand as a whole. If you don’t already have a blog on your website, you need to seriously consider adding one. Remember, having a blog is only the beginning. Once you add it to your website, you need to create content and post regularly to maximize its effectiveness. Happy blogging!


作者 Nolan Wilson

Nolan Wilson is a freelance writer and owner of nolanwilsonfreelance.com. He specializes in content development, SEO, social media and article marketing, and works with SMBs to help them create content for their websites that enhances internet marketing and SEO campaigns. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Media, Information & Technolculture, and a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario.