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Too Busy for Email Marketing?
We'll Do It for You!

Our email marketing experts can help you manage your email campaigns. Get help with everything from list management to creative assistance.

Your personal email marketing team is ready to make professional email campaigns for you for just $149.95.

  • Say what you want to say in a Word doc, Pages file, text file or even plain ol' email message and send it to us along with your subscriber lists (in Excel, CSV, or word doc) - you're done because we're handling the rest for you. We'll format your words into an effective, professional email campaign and handle all the steps to get it to your customers, members or subscribers. You get back to

We'll provide start to finish campaign concierge service.

  • We completely handle up to two email marketing campaigns - from start to finish - each month for you (additional campaigns can be added for just $50).
  • We make sure you are happy with what we send before we send it out.
  • We do all this for only $149.95/month!
Stunning templates

We'll give you a total subscriber management solution.

  • We upload & segment your list for you.
  • We create an online sign-up form that automatically builds your subscriber list for you.
  • We set up your account with auto-responders so that new subscribers are sent welcome messages and other timed communications automatically.

We'll set up your customer feedback channels.

  • We build a customer survey for you.
  • We build custom polls for you.
  • We publish your newsletters to your Twitter account as well as other social media services for you.
List Management
email campaigns.png

We'll make sure you look professional.

  • We place your content (images, text & video) in newsletter form for you.
  • We upload images to your image gallery for you.
  • We archive your newsletters online for you.
  • We refine one of our award-winning templates to fit your company's image for free (there are over 300 to choose from, but we can also design a new custom template at 1/2 price).
Questions? Call Our Sales Line at 1-800-430-4095 Ext. 1
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