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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I create an email using a Benchmark Email template?

You can create an Email by using one of the many Benchmark Email templates or you can upload your own HTML code

To create an email using one of our templates:
  1. Click the Emails tab
  2. Click the Create New Email link in the header section.
  3. Enter the email details
    Email Name - This is for identifying your email. This is not shown to the contacts.
    From Name - This name will be displayed to the contact as the sender
    From Email - This email will be displayed to the contact as the sender
    Reply To Email - This email will be used for replies by the contact
    Subject - The subject of the email
    Address - This is the address which will be displayed to the contact (CAN SPAM requirement)
  4. Click Save & Next
  5. Select the contact list
  6. Click Save & Next
  7. In the Template Step, select the template which suits your requirement.
  8. Click Save & Next
  9. The Email would be divided in blocks which can be managed individually.
    You can move the block by dragging and dropping the block to the desired location on the email. To make a copy of the block use the ‘Email Sections’ (top left corner) and click on the green plus icon to insert a new block. The Background Colors can be changed from the ‘Global Colors’ (below ‘Email Sections’). Clicking on ‘Edit’ icon over the block, will open the editor for the block. You can change the content of the block as well as the style of the text. You can insert images from your image gallery as well as insert contact customization. Click on ‘Apply’ to confirm your changes (This does not save your email).

    Note: The message may not appear in your contacts' email clients exactly as it does in the preview of the email editor. For reasons why your email may not look as you expected, click here. You can always send test emails to your email accounts to confirm how your email would be displayed in your contacts’ email clients. Its always a good idea to do a ‘Spam Check’ and ‘Spell Check’ before sending out your email campaign.
  10. To save your changes click the Save Button
  11. Click on Save & Next
  12. Select the Email Delivery Schedule.
    a. To save the Email and send it later, select the Send this Email Later option
    b. To send the Email immediately , select the Send this Email immediately option
    c. To send the Email on a future date, select the Schedule Email delivery on option and select the date and time when the email should be delivered.
  13. Click on Finish
Note: If you create a single image email or image only email, it will be at high risk to go directly into recipients' junk mail and spam folders.


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