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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create an email using my own HTML code / webpage?

Benchmark Email offers several hundred email templates, but if you can’t find one that suits your needs, you can use your own template.

If you’ve created your own HTML template, please note that the steps to create a message with that template are different than the ones you would take if you use one of our templates.

NOTE: The following steps assume that you have already created your HTML template, and that the template is directly accessible to the same computer you are using to access your Benchmark Email account. Make sure all images used in the Template are referenced used a valid web URL and are available over the web.

To create a message using your own HTML template:
  1. Click the Emails tab
  2. Click the Create New Email link in the header section.
  3. Enter the email details
    Email Name - This is for identifying your email. This is not shown to the contacts.
    From Name - This name will be displayed to the contact as the sender
    From Email - This email will be displayed to the contact as the sender Reply
    To Email - This email will be used for replies by the contact
    Subject - The subject of the email
    Address - This is the address which will be displayed to the contact (CAN SPAM requirement)
  4. Click Save & Next
  5. Select the contact list
  6. Click Save & Next
  7. In the Template Step, click on Use Own HTML button.
    This button is below the list of Template Categories
  8. Copy Paste your HTML into the given area. Click Save & Close
    The email will be displayed in the ‘Editor’ area. You can insert additional image or use personalization here.
  9. Click Save & Next
Please note that the message sent to your contacts may not look exactly like the one you view in the email editor preview. Click here to find out why your email preview version and the email sent to your clients may differ.

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