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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are my email open rates so low?

Open rates are difficult to predict. Because so many things can influence when your contacts check their email, it is difficult to get a sense of what an acceptable open rate for a particular message would be. However, if you seem to be consistently seeing open rates that are lower than what you would expect, here are some of the most common reasons:
  • Time of Delivery - The time that your email is delivered can influence how many people open it. If you send an email on the weekend, your contacts will be much less likely to open it, at least not right away. The best time to send an email is Tuesday morning. Typically, your contacts will spend Monday catching up from the weekend, and getting organized for the week. Tuesday they will get around to opening and answering emails. Also, emails sent after business hours may see a drop in open rates.
  • Tracking Reasons - Because of the method we use to track your emails, there are a few circumstances under which we will not be able to track an open for your email. When you send your email, we insert a tiny image into the body of the email. When that email is opened (and the image appears on the screen), we know that the email has been opened and increase your open count. If that email client is blocking images by default (which is common today to protect against x-rated spam) we will not be able to track that email unless your contact unblocks the images.
Also, if your contacts are using email clients that only receive the text version of your email, we will not be able to track an open for that contact. This is because the plain text versions of your emails do not support our tracking image capability.

Thanks to these issues, the open rates shown in your "Reports" tab will always be lower than in reality because we can’t track emails that block images. Please do not assume that because we can't track the email that it is not being opened. For the last two reasons explained above, your contact could very well be opening the email; we just can't track that open.

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