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Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I able to edit the font, style or color of a document link?

Yes, you can edit the font, style and/or color of a document link.

To edit the font, style or color of a text:
  1. Go to the section/block you wish to edit. Click the Edit icon.
  2. Highlight the text for the document link you want to change (by using the mouse or the keyboard to select the text).
  3. In the toolbar of the block, you can find the following options for text formatting:
    • To change the font color, click on the text color picker . Select a new color from the color palette.
    • To change the font type, click on the font drop down box . Select a new font.
    • To change the font size, click the font size drop down box . Select a new size.
    • Bold , italicize or underline the text by clicking the appropriate style icons.

Note: If you are unable to change the color of the text, then select only a portion of the text and apply the color change.

Using the Mouse
Highlight all but the last word or letter of the text and change the color. Then select the remaining word or letter and change the color.

Using the Keyboard
Hold down the Shift key and then use the Arrow Keys to select the text. Leave the last word or a letter unselected. This will highlight the words (or letters) so the color change can be applied.

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