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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I add a personalized greeting to my email?

You can add a personalized greeting to your email. You can include the contact's first name, last name or both in the greeting. You can also provide an alternative text in case the contact details are not available.


To add a greeting:


  1. Click on the block in which you wish to place the greeting.
  2. Withing the section, click where exactly you would want the greeting to appear.
  3. Click on  on the right of the tool bar.
  4. Then click on  on the pop up bar.
  5. Select Greeting
  6. In the Primary Greeting, enter the salutation and select the contact attribute that you want to display.
  7. The Alternative greeting is used when the above selected contact attribute does not have any value.
  8. Click on Update to set the greeting in the block.
  9. Click on the Save button to save your changes to the email.
You can preview and check how the greeting would be displayed.

If you want to use the greeting in your Custom HTML, the tag is:
[Greeting:pretext="Dear" field="F" alttext="Hello"]
The "pretext" variable is to display the salutation
The "field" variable is to display the contact attribute where
"F" = First Name
"L" = Last Name
"FL" = First name + Last Name
The "alttext" variable is to display the alternative greeting in case the contact attribute does not have any value.

If you would like to personalize your emails using other attributes, please refer to this FAQ:

Can I merge information like the contact‘s name to personalize the email?

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