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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a survey?

To create a survey, please follow the steps listed below:
  1. Click on the Emails tab.
  2. Click on the Surveys link from the Tools Menu
  3. Click on the Create New Survey button.
  4. On the Create New Survey page you have two options: Start with a Blank Survey or Start with a Survey Template
    • Selecting Start with a Survey Template gives you 6 options:
      Services Provided, Event Participations, Company Satisfaction, Website Survey, In-Store Purchase and Blank Survey
    • This FAQ will focus on Blank Survey
    • The Blank Survey creates a new survey from scratch
  5. When starting a survey from scratch, a lightbox will pop up asking you to input a Question, Type of Answer and whether a question is required
    • Type the question you wish your respondents to answer
    • There are multiple styles of question. Choose based on your aesthetic preference:
      - One Line (you write a question and they will answer with a line they write themselves)
      - Radio (the user can choose one answer from a selection of bubbles - you can add or subtract   answers up to a max of 10)
      - Check (like Radio except this allows for multiple answer boxes to be checked)
      - Dropdown (a dropdown menu provides the answers to the question)
      - Descriptive Text (provides a larger area for the respondent to write out their own answer)
      - Multiple Choice (like dropdown but with multiple answers shown at once)
    • Click Save & Add Another to add more questions
    • Save takes you to the next screen
  6. You are now at Step 1, the My Survey Questions screen
    • Here you can review your individual questions, the question type, number of answers, the answers themselves, edit the question or delete it, and move the question up or down on the survey
    • click Save & Next when you are ready to move to the next screen
  7. Now you are on Step 2, the Details screen
    • The Survey Name is a required field and is for your personal identification in the dashboard. It is not displayed to your recipients
    • The Survey Title is a required field and does appear to your recipients and on your website should you post it online
    • The Intro Message (optional) appears beneath the title of the survey
    • Use Logo (optional) allows you to upload your company logo by clicking browse, searching for the image on your computer (recommended size: 150 x 70 pixels) and clicking Add.
    • Click Save & Next when you're ready to move to the next screen
  8. Now you are on Step 3, the Colors screen
    • Choose the Body Formatting Options and Header Formatting Options
      - At the bottom of the Body Formatting Options you can choose what the button will say at the   bottom of the survey
      - The default button text is "Submit Survey" but you can alter it to anything you want (e.g. "Click   Here!" "Finish Survey," etc.)
    • Click Save & Next to finish creating your survey
  9. You have now created your survey and have 3 options
    • Get the survey URL to place on your website
    • Send the survey via email
    • Store the survey as inactive (as a draft) and edit it later

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