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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Integrate KickBox with Benchmark Account?

Kickbox verifies email addresses using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). It's what we all use, whether we know it or not, to marshall email around from one person to another.

Follow the below steps to integrate your Benchmark Account to KickBox:

    1.    Make sure you have a Kickbox account, if you do not have an account then Click Here to sign up to Kickbox.

    2.    Once completed the signup process, activate your account by clicking on the link received on your registered email address.

    3.    Navigate to the Verify page.
    4.    Click on the green Add List button on the right top corner.

    5.    Click on Connect to ESP and select Benchmark.

    6.    Copy your Benchmark account’s API Key, which will be available in the Account Settings page in your Benchmark account.
    7.    Paste the API key in the KickBox integration module and click Add Integration.

    8.    This will create a two-way integration where you can import the list in KickBox for verification and export back the verified list to Benchmark.

    9.    Once you authorize the Benchmark account using the API key, you can import the existing list to be verified.

    10.  Contacts will be imported and analyzed for verification

    11.  Click Start to verify the list.
    12.  Once the list is verified, on the right side panel under reports you will find 2 options

  • Export button, allows exporting of the verified list to your Benchmark account.

  • Download button, will allow to downloading the verified list to your computer.

    13.  Use the required filter to export/download the list. By default, it is selected as deliverable (strongly recommended)

Note: Benchmark does not share your account credentials with KickBox.

If you still need help please feel free to contact our support team via Email, Phone or LiveChat.

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