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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Benchmark Email Legacy APIs?

The Benchmark Email Legacy API is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate your database programs with our system. Users managing subscriptions or message content on their own system may use the Legacy API to transfer data from their internal system to their Benchmark Email account.

  1. Easily push contact information from your website or software to your Benchmark Email contact list
  2. Create and manage contact lists. Easily to export existing contacts to your system
  3. Create campaigns with content from your site. Send test emails to your own accounts without having to actually login to Benchmark Email website
  4. Get performance summaries for your previous email campaigns
  5. Pull data for campaigns and store it on external systems
Also, You can now easily manage your lists, emails and campaign reports using our RESTful API. You can connect into our API using XML-RPC.

The Legacy API is broadly divided into four categories:
  1. Campaign Related Methods
  2. Contact List Related Methods
  3. Reports Related Methods
  4. Security Related Methods
Contact List Related Methods
These functions allow you to create, subscribe, unsubscribe, update and export your contact details.

Campaign Related Methods
These functions allow you to create, copy and update your email campaigns. You can now even schedule and test emails in your account.

Reports Related Methods
These functions allow you to get all the statistics associated with your email campaigns. You can easily pull the data from the opens, bounces and forwarded emails.

Security Related Methods
These functions allow you to generate and manage your tokens. Use these security tokens to access the above methods without having to login to your Benchmark Email account.

View our Legacy API Library for more details. To view our new RESTful API’s Click Here.

For API related questions, see API help.

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