Come Creare Un Layout di Newsletter In Meno di 5 Minuti

Utilizing Benchmark Emails Wizard Editor, you can make short work of a Newsletter Design.

Email newsletters are a great way to maintain regular contact with your clients. Sending email newsletters is also inexpensive, as compared to other forms of promotion. There are two main components of a good newsletter. The first component is the newsletter content and the second is the newsletter design. If you ignore either of these, your newsletter campaign is likely to fall flat on its face. Newsletters are very simple to design. Ideally, you can create a newsletter design in the span of five minutes. All you need is a good editor and templates.

Both these things are available with Benchmark Email, a professional email marketing company. Once you sign up, you get to choose from a range of email newsletter templates, which are based on a range of themes. For instance, if you have organized a special promotion to celebrate the spirit of Halloween, then you can select a Halloween-themed template.

Benchmark Email’s WYSIWYG editor is very powerful and dynamic. After you select an appropriate template and open it in the editor, you can make changes in every section. For instance, if you choose a blank template, then you can add your company’s logo and motto (if any).

You can also add your company’s information; for instance, the company name and postal address. You can also include links to your company website and an email address of your choice, as well as edit the content section. The best part about the Benchmark Email Editor is that you can add new sections anywhere in the newsletter. You can also clear the default color scheme of the template and put a new one of your choice.

Testing is very important for an email newsletter campaign. Use Benchmark Email’s editor to send out test mails to different web based email services to ensure your newsletter looks the same everywhere. Benchmark Email’s Editor also helps you enhance the quality of your content. You can test the template for any spelling mistakes through the Spell Check tool. In the case of spelling mistakes, Spell Check automatically highlights spelling errors and suggests possible corrections.

The most important aspect of any newsletter campaign is its delivery. The most common cause for low delivery rates is spam filters. Besides spam mails, these filters also stop legitimate marketing emails. This is where Benchmark Email’s Spam Check option comes into play. It checks the newsletter for spam and lets you remove whatever spam it finds. The Spam Check option is available with the editor.

An important point to keep in mind with regards to your newsletter design is that no matter how great it looks, it should never distract your readers from the message you wish to communicate to them. The amount of graphics you use should be optimal so that your clients find it attractive but not overbearing. So go ahead and design your newsletter, what’s more, if you’re using Benchmark Email, you get access to loads of free newsletter design templates that you can easily customize in less than 5 minutes!