Frankly, email marketing is a simple thing. You join Benchmark Email, upload a few opt-ed in contacts, whip up a customizable template, schedule, send and voilà: instant classic. That part is almost fiendishly easy. As in, there must be something they aren’t telling us… Well if you’re a regular reader of our Benchmark Blog then you know we pretty much tell you everything. That being the case, I repeat: email marketing is a simple thing.

Perfecting email marketing, that’s the tricky part. Amassing contacts and sending email are not the only elements within the email marketer’s purview. There’s also the thrilling and sometimes aggravating world of metrics. Metrics are the analytical notes of your email’s composition, the individual factors that bring your offers or discounts or updates or newsletters into a harmonious movement on the part of your recipient. It is as much a matter of statistical diligence as it is social competence. Can you understand what the numbers are telling you? More importantly, are you paying attention to what your subscribers want? The use of a symphonic analogy is a fitting one because when you have studied your metrics studiously and shaped your campaigns accordingly, you and your recipients can make beautiful music together.

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