The addition of the Navigation Bar Block to the new Email Designer from Benchmark Email is one we are most excited about. By simply dragging the Navigation Bar Block into your email template in the editor, you can replicate the look and feel of your website. It mirrors the navigation of your website by inserting icons or text links. Your website and email campaigns can be twins!

It takes seven times for a consumer to recognize your brand. With the aid of the Navigation Bar Block, you can help familiarize your subscribers with your brand. This not only allows your subscribers to get to know you and your brand more, but it will let them get directly where they want to go on your site. The targeted traffic means your consumers are going straight to your products or services that they are interested in.

Primary Panel

Drag the Navigation Bar Block into the desired position in your email template. This will add four navigation links where you want them. In the left-hand menu, you will see your primary panel options. Here you can:

    1. Control the layout and alignment. Perhaps you would want a “donate” link on the far right, and the rest of the menu items to the left.


    1. Add up to six links per block.


    1. Like all other blocks in the email designer, you can control the block’s color, horizontal padding and vertical padding.


    1. Control the space between links. This is known as gutter size.


  1. Additional mobile styling options are available to you. This allows you to control the display options for when your email campaign is viewed on a mobile device. This allows your subscribers to easily click on the links in your email when opened on a mobile device.
Secondary panel
    1. You can use text links … or if your website navigation uses images, you can do that as well.


    1. Add dividers between your links without using a keyboard or spacebar. Simply use the “border right” option.


  1. Once you have gotten one of the links to look just the way you want, you can easily repeat it with the other links in the navigation bar. This is a huge time saver, as you only have to style the links once and then duplicate it for the rest.