Using a landing page to acquire new subscribers is a good idea, but incentivizing the process is an even better strategy. This is an effective way to make visitors feel as if they have made the right decision in clicking through. Do this correctly and your conversion rate for subscriptions could improve substantially.

While using incentives to encourage new signups can and has worked for numerous email marketers, garnering success with this technique takes more than just giving something away for free. You must offer something of value, something that will benefit potential subscribers. Here are four solid tips you can use to incentivize your landing pages and boost subscriptions:

1. Simplify the Signup Process

It is a best practice to include a signup box on every page of your website, including your landing page. Simplify the process so visitors have an easy time subscribing to your mailing list or newsletter. Make sure your signup box can be spotted without too much effort and that the process as a whole is easy to complete.

2. Make It Good

The purpose of incentivizing your landing page is to entice visitors and boost the chances of them signing up. It’s all about giving them something in return for their attention. Whether it’s an eBook, report or a special offer, it must not only benefit the potential subscriber but appeal to them as well, preferably immediately – because who knows if they’ll ever come back. Make this interaction count.

3. Add the Social Element

You may be tired of hearing it, but the social networks can really help you stretch your email marketing efforts further. This is even true with the signup process. For example, someone who arrives at your landing page could click a Facebook Like or Twitter retweet button and easily share it with their entire network of friends. If your incentives are attractive, new people will feel compelled to sign up.

4. Do Some Advertising

Do you have a membership site or a partner’s newsletter you’re promoting? If so, you could use your incentivized landing page to promote them. This is a golden opportunity, and as an opportunistic email marketer you want to take full advantage. When employing this strategy, be sure to keep the process as focused and user-friendly as possible. Remember, the more elements you add to the mix, the more you run the risk of distracting the visitor.

As always, it’s a good idea to test your landing page to find out what works best and gets the most subscriptions. From there, measure your results and execute accordingly. Although we may be entering a different arena when leaving the inbox, many of the same rules apply.