You don’t have to be a frequent YouTube user to know that video is all the rage. Brands have been using this medium for a while and slowly but surely the trend is moving toward the email channel. Video email does offer the benefits of increased engagement and higher conversions, but there are some challenges in implementing it. Here are some tips on how you can use it effectively:

Consider Including a Link to Your Video

It is very possible to embed video content directly into an email message. Whether or not it will actually work – well that’s another story. You have a few web browsers that still do not support it and even more email clients that will strip it out before the subscriber ever has a chance to view it. For now your safest bet is to include a link to the video you want to promote in your message. If the content is on your website, set up a special landing page to provide a seamless transition for subscribers who clicked through. As you have probably guessed, having a compelling call to action is crucial here.

Keep It Short and Sweet

One could argue that video is far more effective at getting people’s attention than text, images or any combination of the two. Still, this doesn’t take away from the fact that people these days have shorter attention spans. If you realize this, then you understand the importance of keeping your video content short and sweet. As always, you want to bypass the fluff and get to the juicy details right away. While this medium is indeed powerful, people can click away just as fast as they hit the play button. Take too long to get to the point and this is what they will be more likely to do.

Make Sure It’s Relevant and Engaging

For every online video that goes viral and reaches thousands of people, there is another one just sitting there collecting dust. Why? Because the publisher didn’t properly promote it or people just didn’t find it compelling enough to tell someone else about it. If you are going to integrate video into your email marketing efforts, your content must be relevant, engaging and of the highest quality. It takes more than content that bundles the elements of sight, sound and motion into a single package to generate responses. You must use your video to tell the compelling story that text and images can’t.

Video email has arrived, but we still have a ways to go before it can be counted on to deliver a seamless experience in the inbox. There are pitfalls to utilizing this medium and if you are not careful you could find yourself at the bottom of one of them. On the bright side, if you know how to use video effectively, it can help you take your email marketing efforts to new heights.