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0 - 600Illimitato$11.89 Inizia ora
601 - 1,000Illimitato$18.69Inizia ora
1,001 - 1,500Illimitato$23.79Inizia ora
1,501 - 2,500Illimitato$27.19Inizia ora
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$11 .89

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A/B Testing

Targeted Emailing

Data Security Pin

Master & Sub-Accounts

Insanely Simple Drag & Drop Editor

Responsive Templates

Signup Forms

Basic Drip Campaigns

RSS Email Campaigns

Email Delivery Management

Google Analytics Tracking

List Management & Segments

List Hygiene

Live Engagement Reports

Opens by Hour Reports

Click Heatmap Reports

Opens by Device Reports

Surveys & Polls

Unlimited Video Storage

10 MB of Free Image Gallery Storage

Social Media Integrations

eCommerce Integrations

Email Template Integrations

Contact List Integrations

Automation Pro

Behavior-based Email Follow-up Automation New

Email Engagement-Triggered Automations New

Behavior-based List Management Automation New

Website Engagement Automation New

Automated List Management for Better Targeting

Automated Customer Journey Templates New

Cart Abandonment Automation New

Automated Follow-ups Based on Website Page Visits

Strategy Templates to Automate Digital Funnel

Capture Lost Sales with Automated Cart Abandonment Emails

Create Up-To-Date Custom Facebook Audiences

Facebook Audiences

Automate Customer Onboarding

Automate Your Welcome Email Campaign

Automate Your Pre-Event Promotion and Post-Event Follow-ups

Increase Webinar Attendance with an Automated Email Sequence

Automate Your Process for Requesting Customer Feedback


List Verification

Ensure the highest quality subscribers and deliverability by having your list(s) verified.

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For every 1,000 contacts

Image Hosting

Upgrade your basic storage so that all of your most engaging images, logos and graphics are at the ready thanks to unlimited image hosting.

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$5.00 Monthly

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP

Remove yourself from the crowd, taking control of your sending reputation and delivery into the inbox.

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$28.95 Monthly

Inbox Checkers

View how your email campaigns will appear on any device, in every inbox client and on every browser.

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For 100 test

How to get started

The Benchmark Starter Plan was built to get you off the ground with your email marketing and customer engagement efforts and to experience the practical tools available.

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Benchmark has made it a quick and easy process for us to create professional looking emails to keep our customers and interested parties engaged.”

— Gavin Wieske, Marketing Manager | Sandbox.

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